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Winter Skin Care Tips!

17 December, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Winter is here and with that comes the bitter cold! Read below for our top tips to care for your skin this season!

  1. Moisturize!

    The harsh cold is here and our skin tends to dry out with it's arrival.  After showering, immediately apply lotion all over your face and body.  Applying lotion following showing helps lock in moisture.  Experts recommend applying lotion within the first 3 minutes of exiting the shower.

  2. Don't forget about your lips!

    Chapped lips aren't any fun for anyone. Make sure to lock in the moisture on your lips with a thick ointment.  And please, never ever lick your lips when they're chapped! That actually dries them out more.

  3. Don't forget the sunscreen!

    Seriously! We tend to associate sunscreen with the hot sun on a beautiful beach somewhere tropical, but unfortunately the sun's harmful rays affect us all year round.  Make sure to either use a daily facial moisturizer that contains an SPF (2-in-1!) or add sunscreen to your daily beauty regimen.

The Fancy Girl

Get this look!

07 October, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Step 1:  Prime
Apply primer all over lid.

Step 2: Apply Primary Color
Apply Hot Pink Shimmer to lid.

Step 3: Apply Secondary Color
Apply Purple Shimmer along bottom lashline.  Blend with Hot Pink Shimmer in outer corner to reduce harsh lines.

Step 4:  Apply Highlight
Using our Cream Dust Eyeshadow, apply from the inside corner of the eye and under the eyebrow.  Blend with Hot Pink Shimmer to reduce harsh lines.

Today only on get our Hot Pink Shimmer and Purple Shimmer combo for only $3! Click here to shop now.


The Fancy Girl

Tips To Get Fuller Looking Eyelashes!

10 September, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

1. Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler!

Using your blowdryer, heat up your eyelash curler.  This works like a mini-curling iron for your eyelashes.  Make sure to let the curler cool a little bit before using it on your lashes.  Test the temperature with the back of your hand first.

2. Wipe off excess mascara

Wipe off the excess mascara on to tissue paper to prevent clumpy eyelashes.

3. Soak your tube of mascara

Soak your tube of mascara in a cup of hot water.  This will make the mascara thinner and make it easier to apply with less clumps.

XOXO,The Fancy Girl

Back-To-School Essentials

12 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Summer break is winding down and it's time to head back-to-school.  While this is can be a sad time for many students, it can also be very exciting because it is a time to shop for new school supplies for the upcoming year! Below I have compiled a list of my favorite items for this upcoming school year.


1. New Backpack

I love this backpack from Target! It's both trendy and functional!


2. Laptop Sleeve

More and more schools are getting away from the traditional textbook and switching to laptops and tablets for their students.  That's why I love this laptop sleeve from Best Buy to keep your laptop or tablet safe while still looking cute!


3. New Notebooks

Instead of getting the plain and basic colored notebooks, get these cute notebooks from Office Depot to stand out in class!


4. Beauty Board

This beauty board from PB Teen is perfect to hang in your locker to use for little touch ups throughout the day. 


5. Dry Erase Board

The Container Store offers this amazing Slim Magnetic Dry Erase Board that is the perfect size for your locker so you can jot down upcoming assignments, practice times, or club meetings!

Hope everyone has a great first day back to school!

The Fancy Girl

P.S. Take 20% off your online purchase with the code: BackToSchool2015 at checkout on! Expires 8/31/15

How To Get Fuller Lips!

17 June, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Nowadays everyone is trying to obtain the perfect pout.  Below we have provided some quick and easy tips to help you achieve the look of bigger, fuller lips without lip injections or plumpers.



Exfoliating increases the blood flow in your lips which actually creates a temporary swelling effect.  It also removes the dead skin cells from your lips which improves the overall look of your lips and leaves them nice and smooth.  You can use a toothbrush to lightly brush your lips and remove the dead skincells.  After exfoliating, remember to apply an unscented lip balm or petroleum jelly to restore softness. 


Apply Makeup

Pick a lip liner and lipstick that are within two shades of each other and blended together well to avoid creating an unflattering and harsh border around your lips.  Avoid dark, matte lipsticks as these often fail to create the same illusion.  Apply your lip liner just beyond your natural lip border.  Apply lipstick and blend the two together to avoid hard lines.

The Fancy Girl

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Meet Team Fancy 2015!

12 June, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

After receiving over 3,000 entries we combined our judges scores, fan votes, and coaches recommendations to present to you Team Fancy 2015!

Not only will the 12 winners become the official models for Fancy Face Cosmetics, but they will also receive the following prize pack from our amazing partners: makeup for your team from Fancy Face Cosmetics, the official 2015 Fancy Face uniform by One Team Apparel, a prize by Nfinity Athletics, one year subscription to Cheer! Magazine, and complimentary registration for your team to any Bring It Brands event for the 2015-2016 season.

Update from Nicole Khayat

03 June, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

The 2015 Next Face of Fancy Face Model Search has been our largest model search to date. We received over 3000 applicants, and while everyone was extraordinarily qualified for the position, we were only able to advance 231 to the final round. All 231 finalists truly exemplify what it is to be the next Face of Fancy Face, and we would be proud to have any of them on our team.

Due to circumstances out of our control, Twitter and Instagram have removed contestant photos from our accounts. We have been working with them on a solution, however as of 8am cst, they are still working on restoring the photos. In order to give everyone the same advantage, and not delay the process any further, we have made the decision to limit the 2015 Next Face of Fancy Face Search exclusively to Facebook.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or stress this may have caused. I assure you, my team here at Fancy Face has been working tirelessly for months on this, and will not give up on making this year just as fun and exciting for the contestants as previous years. We are already developing solutions for next year's contest so we will not run into the same issues again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Nicole Khayat
Fancy Face Cosmetics,
Founder & Chairman of the Board

2015 Next Face of FFC Finalists!

01 June, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Wow! What an incredible response! We received over 3,000 entries for the 2015 Next Face of Fancy Face Contest! Below we present the 2015 Finalists! Voting will begin tomorrow, June 2, on the Fancy Face Cosmetics social media accounts.

Voting will begin on June 2, 2015 and end on June 8, 2015.  Voting will be run across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The voting breakdown is as follows:
Facebook likes and shares = 3 points
Twitter favorites and retweets = 2 points
Instagram likes and regrams = 1 point

Only votes to the original post on the Fancy Face Cosmetics social media page will be counted.  Voters must be following the Fancy Face Cosmetics social media pages in order for their votes to count.


Good Luck!

Name Age Team
Peyton Nicole Turner 13 Top Gun Allstars
Caitlin Juris 16 Cheer Extreme SSX
Kimberly Jones 19 Pacific Coast Magic
Naomi Shneibaum 15 Stingray Allstars
Gemma King 24 Champion Dance & Cheer Allstars
Kristina McKinney 19  
Madison Morath 12 Cheer Extreme SJX & SMOEX
Hallie Holm 18 Invasion Athletix Phoenix
Macey Miers 14 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Keira Dafnis 10 Ultimate Athletics
Stephanie Sims 16 California Allstars Lady Bullets
Ashley Clinton 13 California Allstars Classics
Jessica Clinton 8 California Allstars Jr. Pistols
Lydia Duke 11 Cheer City United Lady Titans
Hayden Ashley Ward 11 Cheer Force One
Haley Hundelt 14 Edwardsville High School IL
Meagan Modrusic 17 Edwardsville High School IL
Brooke Pritchard
Bella Holmes 13 Twister Allstars (Cumming, GA)
Grace 15
Jenna Jueco 17 Grayslake Central HS Varsity
Kayla McCarthy 16 East Celebrity Elite - C5
Emily Eggers 17 Allstar Panthers & Beaufort HS Varsity
Anna Elizabeth Reilman 15 Power Cheer Athletics
Mariza Luna 15 Large 5 Cali Coed
Sacha McElroy 19 Cheer Extreme SSX
Elyssia Hernandez 18 Cheer Athletics LadyKatz
Morgan Jackson 13 Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
Emma Hicks 14 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Alysa Kuhn 16 Wheaton North HS
Peri Jayne Skipper 17 ACX Jags
Alyssa Ruland 14 Intensity Cheer Elite
Payton Ray 10 Power Athletics of Carthage Ninja Cats
Peyton Recha 12 Green Bay Fusion
Katie Murden 12 Cheer Extreme Hampton Roads
Chloe Ambrosius 10 Green Bay Fusion
Kanasha Gray 19 University of Louisville Large Coed & GymTyme Chrome
Ava & Arianna 10 & 13 Green Bay Fusion
Jordyn Moore 15 Lunar Allstars
Amiyah Thomas 7 Green Bay Fusion
Alyssa Brill 9 Intensity Cheer Elite
Adelina Rosa Rodriguez 8 Affinity Elite Allstars Gold
Peyton Gardner 11 Carolina Spirit Athletics
Skylar Lewis 11 Carolina Spirit Athletics
Megan Baldwin 16 Iowa Allstars
Hayley Collins 19 University of Louisville & GymTyme
Ella Tate 6 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Kylie Renae Hicks 13 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Brianna Nicole Berry 14 High Performance Cheer
Kali 5 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Sydni Greene 17 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Mariah Ketchum 10 Intensity Cheer Elite
Natalee Brown 9 Intensity Cheer Elite
Briyanna Wilson 16 Redford Union Cheer
Gabriella Fabre-Rolon 6 The Cheer House
Tessa Kowalski 8 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Brittany Silveira 19 Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Annabelle Forte 11 Kids Spot Cheer
Riley Ann Day 4 Intensity Cheer Elite
Haley Debruyne 17 Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Audra Hinckley 6 Top Gun Allstars Orlando
Paris VanderZanden 11 Green Bay Fusion
McKenzie Watson 13 Power Athletics Marvel Cats
Kelsey Thompson 11 Intensity Cheer Elite
Alexis Ruhlen 11 The Cheer House
Nevaeh Vercellona 10 Affinity Elite Allstars
Eden Lucie Daniel 10 Power Athletics
Brittany Hartwick 19  
Melissa Foster 17
Jenna Giaquinto 16 The Cheer House
Hunter Brooke Morris 15 Maryland Twisters
Alysha Bauer 15 Ultimate Canadian Cheer Lions & Bill Crothers Secondary School Colts
Pariss LeMay 17 Green Bay Fusion
Toria Owens
Chelsie Martin 9 Cheer Extreme Golden Girls
Payton Coon 17 Oregon Dream Team
Priscilla Womble 17 Level 5 Cheerleader
Olivia Kirk-Williams 15 Redford Union Cheer
Mary-Elizabeth Broad 15 River City Allstars 4.2
Yvette Montoya 18 ICE Allstars
Rachael Scott 12 Supercell 3
Daiumbre Gadson 16 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Dom Tonione 18  
Kaitlin Latham 14 Spirit of Texas IOC5 Remix
Michelle Puccio 19 World Cup Shooting Stars
Jorden Cayford 17 World Cup Shooting Stars
Vivian Morgan 16 Central Coast Elite - Diamonds
Kassandra Cruz
Emily Panchalk
Rebecca Feery 15 Grayslake Central HS
Jordan Crowther 12 Tigers Cheerleading
Candyce Brewer
Kinsley Cook 17
Kaylee Manning
Victoria Milhamke 17
Stacey Kenney
Sophie Collins 14 Platinum Athletics
Taylor Zajdowicz 14 Top Gun Allstars
Kyla Kramer 12 Jacksonville Gems
Olivia Bucco 16 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Skylar Alexa Dorton 12 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Alize Knudsen 17 Infinity Athletics Michigan - Passion
Alyssa McDermott 16 Brandon Allstars
Jazmyn Cox 15 California Bullets Sr. Coed 4 SWAGG
Tyrah Domingo 14 Ultimate Athletics Sovereignty
Brooke Ellis 14 Texas Elite Allstars
Lindsay Everson 16 Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Franchesca Hardill 15
Hayley Merriott 14 Platinum Athletics Sr. 4 Obsession
Annabella Zaccaro
Quinn VanMackelberg 15 Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Kaitlyn 12
Taite Lyman 14 Cheertyme Love
Heather McDaniel 16 Academy Cheer Elite
Macy Burke 13 Midwest Cheer Elite
Kelly Horton 21 Glamorous Dolls
Tayteaona Boykin 19 Cheer Elite (Minnesota)
Savannah Lenia Russell 18  
Carson Lower Spirit of Texas Purple Royalty
Mary Kate Rolland 11 Cheer Extreme Kernersville
Zoe Starr
Taylor Hamilton 16 ICE Allstars
Julianna Mullikin 10 Intensity Cheer Elite
Tanner Reed Elliott 14 Hollywood Allstars
Payton Johnson 16 Twist and Shout Diamonds
Cailin Wright 15 Midwest Cheer Elite
Hanna Haupt 16 KC Cheer
Megan Riesner 19
Maddie Kulis 11 Cheer Extreme Kernersville
Armani Felton 12 Allstar Revolution Justice
Whitney Valesquez 18 Xtreme Plus (Boise, ID)
Delaney Saulsbury 11 Maryland Twisters
Brielle Morris 12 GymTyme Illinois
Cassidy Childs 16 Cheer Extreme Allstars Senior Elite
Isabella VanBoxtel 10 Green Bay Elite
Breanna Kaiser 14 East Celebrity Elite
Gillian Scott 15 Stingray Allstars
Brooklyn Simpson 12 Westland Elite
Maggi Martin 11 Cheer Extreme Allstars
Lauren Dellisola 24
Micayla 14 Forsyth Home Educators Hawks
Aris Richardson 15 Rebels Cheerleading Athletics - Smoke
Andrea Ignes Metro Allstars Cheer and Dance
Terrace Sargent 17 Metro Allstars Lady Legacy
Mya Harris 14 Metro Allstars Lady Legacy
Kailoni Harris 8 Metro Allstars Mini-Coopers & Youth Divas
Nonah Waldron 10 Metro Allstars Cheer and Dance
Macie Dickey ACX
Alexxa Knapp 14 Intensity Cheer Elite
Cameron Knapp 12 Elmira Gymnastics Club
Chloe Townsend 9 Cheer Florida Allstars Lynx J2
Leannza Suarez
Courtney Reed 17 Pro Spirit
Kyra Samara 9 The Cheer House
Maura Bascope 17
Camille Miller 14 Liberty Cheer Allstars
Jessica Chellino 16 WNY Outlaw Allstars
Camryn Freeman 10 Cheer Force Arkansas
Callie Ankney 10 Double Down Athletics
Noel Marie Cantu 15 Allstar Revolutoin
Tricia Boston 22
Angelyn Ranay Richards 8 Central Florida Athletics
Jemia Holmes 8 Nash JEM Elite Allstars
Paige Fearon 16 South Jersey Storm
Heather Wilson 12 Kids Spot Cheer
Jada Arms 15 Power Athletics Marvel Cats
Charlotte Labot 10 The Cheer House
Jenni Carpenter 17 Maryland Twisters
Jayde Crowe 22
Brooke Gaugliano 15 Tigers Cheerleading
Baylee Skelton 17 NY Icons - Perfection
Taylor Allen Triple Crown Cheer Company & duPont Manuel HS - Varsity
Laila Gabrielle Guzman 7 The Cheer House
Alyssa Juna Paczosa 6 Top Gun Allstars
Jordan Alacorn 12 California Allstars
Alyssa Kelly 13 ICE Allstars
Quinn Kuriakuz
Cydney O'Reilly
Maci Ludwig
Kathryn Lusk 17 ACE Warriors
Kelcie Davis
Nevaeh York 5 Cheer Express
Rachel Kanu 13 Cheer Athletics Galaxycats
Cristina Gutierrez 17 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Gracie Johnson 13 South Elite Allstars
Thamy Meneses 10 Utah Forever Cheer
Brooklyn Kempf 6 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Tai Maciver 17 Campbell Cheer and Dance
Tiffani Louise Birge 16 Cheer Express
Maria Moscariello 20 Morehead State University - All Girl & Team USA - All Girl
Stormi Borders 13 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Jordan Johnson 19 Seattle Pacific University
Alexia Welton 8 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Samantha Sidorsky 16 World Cup Odyssey
Trinity Hindson 13 California Allstars Senior Silver
Ariana Woolbright 12 Texas Cheer
Makayla Sheahan 16 Extreme Allstars
Baylie Queener 17
MacKenzie Long 12 Cheer Athletics RoyalCats
Natalie Rossman 7
Karah West 17
Carleigh LeMasters 15 Ohio Valley Allstars Legendz and Lady Reign
Peyton McCarley
Emma Rossman 10
Josie Elizabeth
Sarah Schlotzhauer 19 Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
Melissa Marie Banyai 19 Oklahoma State University
Caitlin Farrand 15 Vizion Allstars 20/20
Julia Margiotti
Hedy Weaver 16 Midwest Cheer Elite
Macie Childers 13 Oxford Cheer Allstars
Lauren Collins 15 Cheer Central Suns
Katie Thomas 10 Step 1 Allstars
Paige Gors
Lauren Alley 16 Cheer Athletics Regal Cats
Amelia Montel-Goodman 20 United Rock Nation
Shon Henry 23 GymTyme Allstars
Megan Borger 16 Midwest Cheer Elite Sabres
Elizabeth White 9 California Allstars
Rosanna Ungaro 17 Illinois Allstars - Lady P's
Erin Prokell 15 Spirit of Texas IOC5 Remix
Victoria Gock 17 Titan Cheer Corporation & Eastern HS Varsity
Sera McCusker 13 University Cheer Force
Catherine Smith 17
Grace Duck 11 Fury Athletics of Madison
Serena Artzt-McMahon 11 PCM AZ Charmed & Faith
Hailey Pugh 19 Prestige
Kiki Amvrosiatos 17 Island Xtreme (New York)
Mia Blacker 9
Carmen Baio 14 Fury Athletics of Madison
Jaydah Howell 13 Fame Allstars - Vengeance
Mackenzie Soileau
Shea Galloway 13 TPA Cheer
Mikalah Ned 16 Louisiana Athletics - Twisters
Amanda England 17 ACE Super 3
Johanna Bigwood 16 National Park Gators
Gillian Rogers 13 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Abby Allen 14 Almaden Spirit Athletics
Shelby Harwood 11 Turning Pointe Allstar Cheer
Amanda Burns 16 Cheer Extreme Allstars SSX
Melania Sofia Ruiz 10 The Cheer House
Mia Munoz 10 California Allstars Miss Mafia
Paris Munoz 10 California Allstars Mss Mafia
Elizabeth Stout 17 Northern Elite - Desire
Gina Iezzi 17 FCA Diamonds
Olivia Pagano 15 Pro Athletics
Gracelyn Owens 11 Tiffany's Cheer and Dance Studio

Gracelyn Owens 11 Tiffany's Cheer and Dance Studio

Prom Makeup How-To!

06 May, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

It's prom season and everyone is getting dolled up for the big night! Read our step-by-step on how to get this look!

1. Apply Primer All Over Lid
Apply Primer from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner.  Reaching from the lash-line to the eyebrow.

2. Apply Primary Eyeshadow
Apply Pearl Grey Eyeshadow all over lid.

3. Apply Secondary Eyeshadow
Apply Graphite Eyeshadow to the outside corner of the eye blending with the Green Eyeshadow to avoid harsh lines and create a smokey effect.

4. Apply Highlight Eyeshadow
Along the eyebrow line apply Cream Dust Eyeshadow as a highlighter.

5. Apply Eyeliner
Apply Pencil Eyeliner to top and bottom lash line.

6. Apply Blush

Along your cheek bones apply Kiss of Peach blush.

7. Apply Lipstick
With a lip brush, apply Metro Red Lipstick to lips.

Take 20% off your prom makeup purchase when you enter code: PROM2015 at checkout on

Share your prom looks with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Tag @ShopFancyFace and use #FancyFaceCosmetics so we can see!

The Fancy Girl

Tips To Go Green!

22 April, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Happy Earth Day everyone! In celebration of our awesome planet we put together 5 ways you can Go Green and help the Earth!

1. Carpool/Ride Your Bike
Whether you're commuting to work or school find a way to cut down on air pollution.  Carpool with friends, walk, ride your bike, or utilize public transportation.  The less cars on the road = less air pollution and a better planet!

2. Recycle!
Sometimes we just forget and throw a piece of paper or a plastic water bottle in the garbage.  Put a recycling bin next to your garbage at home and/or at work to remind yourself next time to recycle instead of throwing something out.

3. Shorten Shower Times
Fun Fact: For every 2 minutes you cut from your shower time, you save more than 10 gallons of water.  If everyone in the country saved just one gallon from their daily shower, over the course of the year it would equal twice the amount of freshwater withdrawn from the Great Lakes every day.  That's a lot of water!

4. Turn Off Electronics When They're Not In Use
Invest in a power strip that allows you to turn it on and off.  Plug your electronics into it.  When you're not using those electronics simply turn the power strip off! It's really easy and prevents phantom electrical draw.

5. Invest In Reusable Cups and Totes
You can get them literally at any grocery store.  Spend a little extra cash and get yourself a travel coffee mug and reusable tote.  Some stores will even give discounts if you bring your own bag or cup.

The Fancy Girl

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