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Fancy Model of the Week: AnaBella Pagley

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AnaBella Pagley 

Pittsburgh Superstars

Team Colors: Black, Gold, Red and Black

Level: Mini Level 1 Model Stars

5 Words That Describe AnaBella: Determined, Loyal, Honest, Funny, Smart

Favorite Stunt:  Anything at prep level 

Favorite Fancy Face Product: I don't wear make up very often, except for cheer competitions.  But my favorite product is the gold eye shimmer.  It stands out with my skin.  And I love mascara!  

What Makes you Fancy?:  "My extra large SMiLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" AnaBella Pagley

Kaitlyn Sullivan

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Kaitlyn Sullivan

Cheer Nation All Stars

Team Colors: Black, Yellow and White

Level: Senior 3

5 Words That Describe Paige: Enthusiastic, Friendly, Loyal, Positive, Determined

Favorite Stunt:  Express up thru to Tick Tock bump, then back up to a 360 to a full extension.

Favorite Fancy Face Product: This year I love our team makeup which includes the Gold Shimmer, Smoke Shimmer and the Angle Brush!

What Makes you Fancy?:  "I love all the sites now that show off fashion trends on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and love to mix and match my style." Kaitlyn Sullivan

Fancy Model of the Week: Paige Colon

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Paige Colon

Maryland Twisters

Team Colors: Black and Blue

Level: International Coed 5-Black Ice

5 Words That Describe Paige: Fun, Enthusiastic, Lovable, Outgoing, Energetic

Favorite Stunt:  1 3/4 up over stretch, lib high to high, stretch tick tock, scorpion, scale, double down.

Favorite Fancy Face Product: Lip Seal!  After Warm ups, I used to always have to reapply my lipstick, until I purchased Lip Seal, now I'm good to go!

What Makes you Fancy?:  I have the ability to always stay positive.  I can light up the room and make everyone around me smile.  Other than my flying skills, my performance really makes me stand out.  I never let negative energy effect me, and I believe that everything happens for a reason.  

Fancy Model of the Week: Keira Dafnis

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Keira Dafnis

Ultimate Athletics-Level 1/2

Team Colors: Purple, Blue and White

5 words that describe Keira: Sassy, smart, caring, outgoing, and silly

Favorite Stunt: Scorpion!

Favorite Tumbling: Front Walkover, round-off, back handsrping

Favorite Fancy Face Product: High Impact Eye Pigment in PURPLE

What Makes You Fancy?


"I always try my hardest, and I care about my tea,. I try to help my teammates, and I am trying very hard to be a better cheerleader. And, I love to wear my makeup and curl my hair for competitions!" - Keira

Fancy Model of the Week: Kaila Parsons

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 Kaila Parsons

Core Athletix-Level 3 Sapphires, Level 5 Diamonds

Team Colors: Red and Black

5 words that describe Kaila: Outgoing, Talented, Cooperative, Confident, Responsible

Favorite Stunt: 1 and a half up, tic toc, double down

Favorite Tumbling: Round-off, back handspring, full

Favorite Fancy Face Product: Pink Princess Lipstick and LashOut! Mascara

What Makes You Fancy?

"What makes me fancy is my family which can also be known as my team.  I love my teammates, they have made who I am today."

Fancy Model of the Week: Cayce Whitlock

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Cayce Whitlock

18 Years Old

Orlando All Stars - Angels

5 Words that describe Cayce: Outgoing, Ambitious, Responsible, Dedicated, Leader  

Charitable Work:  I am a volunteer cheerleading coach for All Saints Academy

GPA: 3.5

Favorite Stunt: Cayce is a back spot, but her favorite stunt is their opening stunt in this year's routine. It's a full and a half up to a lib, squish ball up to opposite leg heel stretch, high to high to left heel stretch, low to high full around to scorpion, scale, then we double down.

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Round Off Back Handspring double full.

Favorite Fancy Face Product: "The eye shadow! I literally wear it everyday."

What Makes You Fancy?

"Physically, my blonde bob haircut. I always wear a big poof for competitions and practice. I never go to practice or competitions without makeup on and my hair done. :) I was also a member of the 2012 Inside Cheerleaing (Nfinity) All Star American Team.." - Cayce Whitlock

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Fancy Model of the Week: Skylar Dorton

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Skylar Dorton

10 Years Old

Cheer Extreme-Jr 5 and Sr Open 5

5 Words that describe Skylar: Organized, Perfectionist, Outgoing, Silly, Strong Willed 

Favorite Stunt: Ball Up 360

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Round Off Back Handspring-Full

Favorite Fancy Face Product:  "EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!"

What Makes You Fancy?

"I love playing around with makeup to get different looks!! I like to try different hairstlyes also." - Skylar Dorton

Fancy Model's of the Week: Amanda and Caitlin O'Neil

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Amanda and Caitlin O'Neil

15 and 12 Years Old

Stingray Allstars-Sr.Restricted and Junior Coed Level 5

5 Words that describe Amanda and Caitlin: Energetic, Honest, Respectful, Funny, Fun loving 

Favorite Stunt:  Flying Baskets, and Full up-tic tock-high to high-full twist- high to high- scorpion-arabesque-double down

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Round Off Back Handspring-Fulls: Round Off-Back Handspring double fulls

What Makes You Fancy?

"What makes me fancy is my LOVE of the sport and MY Belief that it takes a team effort to be successful. I love that as a team we have ti count on each other and be there for each other like a family. We go through good and bad practices as a team, and wins and losses as a team. In the end, once we put on our Stingray uniforms, do our hair and make-up, hit the floor---we hit the floor as a team and a family!"- Amanda O'Neil

"What makes me fancy is my commitment to what I love to do--CHEER! My mom has been told by other cheer parents that my drive and determination shows in everything I do on the floor. I am always pushing and perfecting the next skill. The fanciest part about it all is that I get to put on my Stingray uniform, my fancy face makeup, and go out there and perform with my team!!!" - Caitlin O'Neil

Fancy Model of the Week: Giavanna Rudess

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Giavanna Rudess

12 Years Old

Midwest Cheer Elite-Toledo- Sr. Level 3

5 Words that describe Giavanna:  Humble, Sweet, Caring, Athletic, Fun

Favorite Stunt:  360 Split to Tic Toc to Bow

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Punch Front Step Out to Round Off Back Handspring to Back Handspring

What Makes You Fancy?

"I'm a girly girl that loves fashion and being fancy all the time.  I love glitz and glam.  When I'm not at the gym or at cheerleading competitions, I play club volleyball, model, shop, read, swim, and hang out with my friends.                                    I LOVE FANCY FACE EYESHADOWS!"

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