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Press On Shadow Fail

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Don't fall victim to another gimmicky product. It did not pass the Beauty Expert test. Watch and learn below!  


Stay tuned for more beauty myths uncovered. 

HPIC Palette Real Results!

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Met Gala -- Trending Now and DIY

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Alike most fashion enthusiasts, I spent last night posted up in my favorite spot on my couch in preparation for the Met Gala.  While I enjoy seeing the celebrities all dolled up and in their “best” dresses, I can’t stop my thoughts as the jump between “what on earth is she wearing” and “does she actually think that outfit looks good?”  While some of the particular outfits worn last night are questionable to us as viewers, the most popular trend that is likely to hit the public is metallic look worn by many of the most fabulous celebrities!  A combination of sequins, leather, and shiny metallic colors seemed to be the most popular of choices at last nights Met Gala and was pulled off by everyone that wore it!

Many different occasions call for this metallic chic look! Whether it's a Gala you're attending to just a regular night on the town with the girls, this look is easy to recreate, given we point you in the right direction.  Here's how you can recreate this look and become red carpet ready!

Get the perfect Smokey eye to pull together your metallic look using the HPIC – Smokey, by Fancy Face Cosmetics!  This pallet is simple and easy to use for all and creates a Smokey eye similar to Ciara’s (above) for special occasions or everyday wear! It even includes an eye shadow primer for long lasting wear! 

Contemporary Sequined Cutout Dress


Arrive in style wearing this sequin, cut out dress from Forever 21!  The cutouts on this dress give it just enough edge to make you stand out like Taylor (above) did last night on the red carpet! It's the perfect combination of edgy and classy!

Don't forget the finishing touches before you take the red carpet! Redkin Triple Take 32 Hairspray provides a 24 hour hold, even through humidity, to insure that your look remains flawless and untouched!  Even better, you can find it at your local drug store!


So there you have it, everything you need to create your own metalic look resembling those worn at the Met Gala by the most fabulous women in Hollywood! Your next occasion doesn't stand a chance, you'll be sure to win best dressed!

Get The Perfect Smokey Eye Look

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Step 1:  Apply Primer all over eyelid from lash to eyebrow.

Step 2:  Apply Black Eyeshadow to outside corner of the eye.
Pro Tip:  Start by making a sideways V and then blend in circular motions into the crease.

Step 3:  Apply Silver Eyeshadow all over lid and in crease, blending with Black Eyeshadow.

Step 4: 
Apply Blush at an angle from apple of your cheeks to your temple.

Step 5:
  Apply Red-y For The Stage Lipstick to lips.


The Fancy Face Cosmetics HPIC Smokey Palette is on sale now for only $25 and comes complete with primer, the silver and black eyeshadows listed above, blush, and Red-y For The Stage LipstickClick here to shop now.

Hunter's Weekend at NCA Nationals!

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone has recovered from the excitement and exhaustion of NCA 2016! This year's NCA was a weekend that I'll never forget. From touching down to beautiful 70 degree weather in Dallas on Friday, to sitting with my team Sunday afternoon in the winners circle with the top 3 teams in Medium Coed 5, this weekend was definitely one for my memory book! Not only was it my favorite NCA yet, it was the highest my team Maryland Twisters Reign had ever placed there ever!

I started off my Saturday morning as I always do, by listening to One Direction and Justin Bieber as I got ready for my meet time. Thanks to my amazing friends at Fancy Face, getting ready was easy and quick with their awesome multi color Natural Palette and fantastic HPIC compact! I use the Blue HPIC and it makes my eyes really pop and picks up the pretty blue color in my uniform! My whole team loves our HPICs!

Once I got to the convention center, I met up with my team and got focused for our performance, we call it our "bubble". We started making our way to the warmup room and 30 minutes later I found myself on deck about to go on the stage in the famous NCA Arena. After our performance, you could say we were a little shaken up by some of the mistakes we had, but that made just us more ready and willing to come back the next day and bring it! Our coaches called a meeting that night and we got ourselves mentally prepared for Day 2, it was worth 3 times as much as Day 1, so we really had to bring it!

The next morning started out a bit more serious as I got myself ready for Day 2. I wore a heavier blue/black smokey eye on Day 2, just for confidence sake! There was a lot more at stake that day, we had to bring our best and Fancy Face products really stepped up in that department! When we reported for our meet time all that we wanted to do was put on a show and get that Arena crowd on its feet! The crowd can really help you, believe it or not, so we could NOT lose that crowd with mistakes like we had on Day 1! We were committed to improving and were so ready to just go out there and slam it down for the crowd.

Warm-ups felt like a blur and I honestly don't even remember warming up. I only remember the last minute hugs and handshakes that were taking place backstage. Walking out onto the floor, hearing the roar of the crowd seemed to give us all the confidence we needed. We did what we had planned. We delivered our best routine of the season! But was it enough? Our division is SO deep this year with so many phenomenal Medium Coed teams, you never know!

By the time awards came, we were so anxious to find out our placement. They started announcing the other teams leading up to the top 5. They had called 5th and 4th place and Reign still hadn't been announced. My goodness my heart was pounding! We'd gotten 5th place last year at NCA and Worlds, so I knew we had at least moved up and that felt amazing! When they called us into the Winners Circle and brought our coaches out, I didn't care what place we got, I was just so excited to be in the top 3 of such a tough division. "And In 3rd place, with a 95.96 from Glen Burnie, MD, Maryland Twisters Reign!!!" We came back from our mistakes from Day 1 and were the 3rd best team that day! My teammates and I were going crazy celebrating on the floor.

We stayed around the mat and waited for the final results. After the final announcement all top 3 teams integrated into one massive group hug! Each team in the winners circle was so happy with their placements and thrilled to be there! It was one of the best feelings ever to be surrounded by so many friends from different programs all celebrating each other's successes.

Overall, NCA 2016 was an overwhelmingly wonderful experience that I can't forget. Thanks to my team, my awesome friends, and the amazing staff at Fancy Face for their support and love they have always shown me, this NCA weekend made me fall in love with this sport and with Fancy Face even more! I'm so blessed to be part of Team Fancy 2016! My only regret is I didnt get a picture with Amanda, Alyssa and Nikki, and my other Team Fancy models, which is a definite bucketlist item for the rest of this season! Worlds, ladies?!?!

Thanks again for the opportunity to share my weekend with you all!

Stay Fancy!!
Hunter Brooke Morris

Top Travel Tips

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Between nationals, Summit, and Worlds, this time of year calls for a lot of traveling! Below are our top 5 travel tips to help you get through this crazy travel season!


You probably hear this from your coaches, parents, teammates, teammates' parents, and so on, but this is so important! Majority of the time our luggage makes it from Point A to Point B without a problem, however, not 100% of the time.  You never want to be in the situation where your uniform is in your lost luggage and you compete the next day. Competition weekends can be stressful, no need to add stress because your uniform is missing.

2. Keep a few toiletries in your carry-on

Flights get delayed all the time. Some delays can be a few minutes, others can be hours.  Sitting at the airport can be draining and keeping a few toiletries in your carry-on can freshen you up and make you feel better.  I recommend your toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, and travel size bottle of perfume/body spray.

3. Bring compact and efficient items

With airlines imposing weight limits for checked bags you want to pack efficiently to avoid paying for overweight luggage. If you can, pack items that are small and compact.  Our HPIC is perfect for this.  It contains one eye primer, two eyeshadows, blush, and lipstick all in one small and easy to pack palette.  An added bonus is that having everything together in one palette prevents you from losing one piece of your makeup kit.

4. Reusable water bottle

TSA doesn't allow you to bring full water bottles through security, but they do allow you to bring empty water bottles! Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up on the other side at one of the water fountains. You don't want to be stuck having to buy an overpriced water at one of the shops by your gate.

5. Bring a portable charger

No one wants to be in the situation where you're listening to music, on your tablet, or reading an ebook when suddenly you get the dreaded "Low Battery" message and you have no where to charge your device while on the plane. Bring along a portable charger to keep your electronics juiced up. This will also come in handy when you're at the competition all day and need to charge!

Macey's Weekend at Cheersport 2016

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This weekend was intense! It can be summed up in one word.... CHEERSPORT. I think I felt every emotion possible. First of all, I never could have looked my best without Fancy Face Cosmetics. It's easy to perform well when you look amazing. Nikki, Amanda and Alyssa have been with me on my entire allstar cheer journey and I could not be more blessed to be on Team Fancy Face.

Many of you want to know what it's really like to compete at Cheersport. Well here's the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Good: I mean, it's Cheersport. The largest competition in the country. What an honor to compete against the BEST! We got cool blankets as competitor gifts, too. It's a good thing because it was FREEZING!

Bad: Exhaustion. I have never slept so little and walked so much in my life! It's a huge building and everything is in a different arena. There were about 25,000 athletes and at least 50,000 spectators.

Ugly: As an athlete, we train so hard. Winning isn't everything but let's face it, we don't compete to lose. Everyone there wanted to go home with jackets and a bid. Everyone just can't. Sometimes you wonder if all the work is worth it. Well... It IS! My team HIT ZERO both days. That is the best trophy I could ever get. It's about being your personal and team best. There is always going to be someone better but you win regardless if you put in the work.

As I sit at home today trying to recover and sleep, I feel blessed. Not many girls my age have done what I do, are a part of an amazing gym, are a part of a World Champion program, and get to be a model for their most favorite makeup company with the best owners and staff. I would like to send a HUGE congrats to Fancy Face Model Macie Dickie and her ACX team on their championship win! Get it girl!

Until next time, fancies......


Winter Skin Care Tips!

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Winter is here and with that comes the bitter cold! Read below for our top tips to care for your skin this season!

  1. Moisturize!

    The harsh cold is here and our skin tends to dry out with it's arrival.  After showering, immediately apply lotion all over your face and body.  Applying lotion following showing helps lock in moisture.  Experts recommend applying lotion within the first 3 minutes of exiting the shower.

  2. Don't forget about your lips!

    Chapped lips aren't any fun for anyone. Make sure to lock in the moisture on your lips with a thick ointment.  And please, never ever lick your lips when they're chapped! That actually dries them out more.

  3. Don't forget the sunscreen!

    Seriously! We tend to associate sunscreen with the hot sun on a beautiful beach somewhere tropical, but unfortunately the sun's harmful rays affect us all year round.  Make sure to either use a daily facial moisturizer that contains an SPF (2-in-1!) or add sunscreen to your daily beauty regimen.

The Fancy Girl

Get this look!

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Step 1:  Prime
Apply primer all over lid.

Step 2: Apply Primary Color
Apply Hot Pink Shimmer to lid.

Step 3: Apply Secondary Color
Apply Purple Shimmer along bottom lashline.  Blend with Hot Pink Shimmer in outer corner to reduce harsh lines.

Step 4:  Apply Highlight
Using our Cream Dust Eyeshadow, apply from the inside corner of the eye and under the eyebrow.  Blend with Hot Pink Shimmer to reduce harsh lines.

Today only on get our Hot Pink Shimmer and Purple Shimmer combo for only $3! Click here to shop now.


The Fancy Girl

Tips To Get Fuller Looking Eyelashes!

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1. Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler!

Using your blowdryer, heat up your eyelash curler.  This works like a mini-curling iron for your eyelashes.  Make sure to let the curler cool a little bit before using it on your lashes.  Test the temperature with the back of your hand first.

2. Wipe off excess mascara

Wipe off the excess mascara on to tissue paper to prevent clumpy eyelashes.

3. Soak your tube of mascara

Soak your tube of mascara in a cup of hot water.  This will make the mascara thinner and make it easier to apply with less clumps.

XOXO,The Fancy Girl

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