Throwback Thursday: Retro Cheerleading Uniforms

21 June, 2012 6 comments Leave a comment

     As a lover of all things vintage, and a career cheerleader(yes, there is such a thing), I was ecstatic to watch my two favorite things come together.  I had the honor of doing the makeup AND sitting front row for the 2012 Varsity Spirit Fashion Show.  I've always thought that Varsity Spirit Fashion was an innovator and trendsetter, but when I saw the new designs for this season, I was completely speechless.  They did it, they brought back the Retro Cheerleading Uniform!  How did they make this retro trend look so modern?  And how do I get my hands on one?!  Okay, okay, I realize I would look a little ridiculous walking around in a cheerleading uniform at 28 years old(although I haven't completely ruled it out), but I could totally incorporate a Letterman Sweater into my wardrobe!  I can see it now: White sweater, red F on the front, and Fancy written on the back...sold!  Now, if I could just get them to bring back the Saddle Shoe...

    Take a look at these uniforms I found from the 1960s.  With the exception of the girl needing some serious help on her Herkie, I'm loving the style!





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  1. LeftyFromBrooklyn October 09, 2012

    Everybody loves retro looks in football uniforms so why not do the same for college cheerleaders as well?

    Of the three photos above, I like the one with the girls having K on their chest best. I would add silky stockings that reach just up to the knee, and lengthen the skirts by about 3 inches. Perhaps a head band or silky scarf as well. This is how NCAA teams should look.

  2. Alma July 02, 2012

    Casey, I cheer for Buffalo Envy. Where do you cheer for?

  3. Casey June 21, 2012

    Alma-What team are you on?? I looooove these…lets be the first to rock them at Worlds!

  4. cheer gurl June 21, 2012

    me and my team always read your blogs! you get to do so many cool things! i like this uniform but it needs rinestones to be fancy!!!

  5. Alma June 21, 2012

    i;m an allstar cheerleader, do you think this would look cool for allstars too?

  6. Julianne June 21, 2012

    Love your blogs! These uniforms are soooo cool. My team wears another kind, but i’ll definitely beg my coach to get these!

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