Fancy Tip of the Day: Dress to Impress

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Summer is right around the corner and so is summer fashion. Knowing your body type is the first step to building the movie star wardrobe you always wanted. Check out these tips and tricks to see what will look best on your body. and whatever your body type is, BE PROUD!


Pear Shape: Slim on top and bottom heavy.

What makes you fancy: Your sensual, feminine shape.

Fancy style: Flowing lines. An empire-line dress is perfect for your body shape.

Hourglass Shape: Rounded on your top and bottom half, with a slim waist.

What makes you fancy: You have an incredibly sexy shape, so don't try to slim it down in anything too short or too tight.

Fancy  styles: shapes that are fitted but not tight, and go for nipped-in waists and V-necks to emphasise your bust.


Boyish: equal width shoulders and hips, a small chest and an undefined waist.

What makes you fancy: A toned body!

Fancy styles: balance your proportions with fitted tops that flatter your breast (avoid round necks or plunging necklines that tend to flatten small busts). A-line skirts with a belt at the waist and flared bottom also suit you. Length is fine!


Slim: You're slim all over, with very little definition at the waist and hips and a small chest.

What makes you fancy: natural elegance. All clothes look good on you!

Fancy styles: volume! You can get away with flounces, pleats, drapes and petticoats, provided you're tall enough! You also look great in short styles and large patterns (big flowers and diamonds). These are this season's strong points and they'll 'fill out' your figure a bit.


Top Heavy: You have a top-heavy figure (you're quite big built, with a generous chest, a slim bottom half and slim legs).

What makes you fancy: your legs and chest (just remember the rule: it's either legs or chest on show, not both!)

Fancy styles: anything that attracts attention to the lower part of your body: a short dress or one with slits will subtly reveal a knee or bit of calf when you're dancing. Forget tops with too much detail - go for simple, vertical lines.




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