Cheer Makeup

Our Cheerleading Makeup Collection is designed to be seen from 300ft away.  Why, you ask?  Because that's where the Cheerleading Judges sit!  And let's be honest, their opinion is the one that matters on competition day.  Our chemists work diligently everyday to create new formulas, colors, and products that will keep you and your cheer team looking Fancy all day.  Our patented Sweat- Resistant formula was developed specifically with the athlete in mind, and has been added to every product that Fancy Face Cosmetics offers.

Here at Fancy Face Cosmetics, we have a staff of highly trained, master certified makeup artists that have designed Cheer Makeup Kits that beautifully compliment your uniform.  Remember ladies, whether it's Cheer Makeup or Everyday Makeup, your makeup should never distract, but always enhance!  Best of luck to you and your Cheer Team this season, and always remember, "Your Face is your best accessory...make it Fancy!"

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